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This is great and very polished. Had a lot of fun playing this. My only critique is that there seems to be an input delay sometimes, which messes up the timing/feel of this reflex-based game.

This is great! it's so simple but really entertaining and can become addicting. I love a good quick time event in games and this was fun to play. The aesthetic and visual design is so clean and looks polished for simple animation. My only critique is that it feels like the timing can be a bit off. For example, when I press the correct button I still would get a red circle. Other than that, its great

What a neat game to play through! I adore the key mechanics, and the animations are super charming.
My only critique would be to implement increasing difficulty with the different keys, because it keeps to the same pace with the same keys over time, and it begins to become a little bland.

Great job!

Wow just wow! Jordan this is so cool and an amazing way of tackling this prompt! I love the slimes animations and how it reacts to the button presses! A very clever system that i really enjoyed playing! Keep it up!

Ah Jordan this is such a great idea and you've executed on it so perfectly! I was able to pick up immediately which key I needed to hit, and once I got the premise my hands were glued to the keyboard trying to nail the sequence. The art you've made is ofc incredible, and really sells this little ball of something trying its best to be the pet others want it to be. And mechanically, everything feels perfectly arbitrary, where even if rolling over 3 times feels repetitive, I want to do it because I want this little slime to have a home, and the arbitrary-ness makes sense given how desperate to impress the slime is. 

My only real issue is that I accidentally skipped over being both denied and adopted the first few times as I slammed the red button before having a chance to fully read it. Having the game slow down a tad there, or even just changing the colour of the button to alert me to look closer might have been nice.

But really otherwise this is incredible, from the visual design to the button choices. Great work dude!

Hi Jordan! I really enjoy this cute typing game! Your art style fits the theme perfectly. There are times that I need to click twice to get through a command, but in general the it feels really smooth. If you are going to take this game further, I wish the difficulty will increase as the game progress (ex. like after x secs player need to type out the whole command for the Slime to obey). Also I really enjoy the sound design, but I wish there is a background music that consist with the sound effects. Overall I really love this game! Great work!

Yo Jordan! This game is super duper clever, a much needed light twist on the "virtual pet" genre! Your art is (as always) super good. Though there isn't loads of animation or spectacle, the visuals and sound go a long way. The mechanic is very interesting and fun! There were times when I pressed the button but it wouldn't register and then I would get a strike, which was a little strange. As far as potential things to add, I think it would be fun to make use of more keys on the keyboard (i.e. more actions for the slime to do), but I'm not sure how many more things a pet slime can do. Simple, pretty, and fun -- excellent work!

Hi Jordan! This game is so beautiful and I love the idea that you’re the pet. It’s simple but I think it really works, & I always love a typing game!

There were definitely times that I pressed the button faster than the game would let me, and then before I realized that it didn’t go through, I’d missed the trick. Also, this is probably a side effect of having such a short time limit combined with such a high visual standard, but I wish there were a few more tricks - after a bit, my hands were kind of staying in one place on the keyboard where I could reach every trick, which I think is maybe a little less chaotic than the vibe you were going for.

This is so cute though - the simple colors make it really nice to look at. And the whole pet adoption process metaphor is super interesting and clever!

I agree, a future iteration could use a few more tricks. I implemented an input timer because key presses kept being read after the prompt had changed, causing strikes to be wrongfully called, but I'm sure there's a better way to do something like that (especially since speed is a key factor). Thanks for playing, and I appreciate the feedback!

+ Such a lovely game!

+ The approach to this prompt is very interesting and imo comments on the relationship in an adoption process.

+ It provides a very interesting experience regarding player identity, I AM the slime in the game, and I am the one who presses the keys to perform the actions, yet, on the other hand, Im looking at it in a second person perspective, and it being cute and trying makes me feel like the adoptor, or a third person witnessing the adoption... as a player my perspective in viewing this adoption process is shifting and it feels not confusing, but new and smart.

+ the art style also contributes to the theme, it's simple and crude, almost desperate, yet it is also cute and effective, echoing the paradoxic nature of the shifting perspective, conveying the bad feelings of the slime(me) and at the same time appeals to me empathy for adoptee.

+ one last thing that stood out for me is the minimal UX of the game, like how the game starts and restarts seemlessly with the core mechanic, the title also serves the purpose of a tutorial. Stripping away unnecessary UIs makes the overall experience more clear and strong.

- though I've encountered some bugs when trying to press the key fast, it is a very unified, innovative and well executed game. Bravo.

I really appreciate your attention to detail. I considered positioning the player behind the slime to emphasize their role, but decided on the second-person perspective so that they'd be able to empathize with him a little better from the adopter's point of view. I'm glad the art style and UI resonated with you, I spent some time debating whether to add a clock or a score, but felt they would only get lost during the snappy gameplay. I am aware of the source of the input problem, it came about as a solution to something else, so it was a bit risky to try and fix within the allotted time, but it's definitely noted. Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts!